CH S 380 CHICANO LITERATRE - (10491-SU2021)

This course will introduce students to literature produced by Chicana/o writers. In this class, we will focus on reading various modes of literary forms, which include narrative, poetry and drama. As interpretative lenses to understanding this literature, we will also draw from socio-historical criticism, critical textual analysis, and literary theory. Additionally, we will use a cultural studies framework to examine these Chicana/o literary productions. In doing so, we will engage with various disciplines including history, feminism, and gender studies. The readings, videos and discussions in the course are grounded in a Chicana/o literary canon as well as Chicana/o and Latina/o historical and theoretical frameworks of analysis that emphasize social justice. Some of the themes covered in this course are: (im) migrant experiences, Chicana feminisms, solidarity, land, identity and the borderlands. Fundamental to our understanding of these literary texts will be our continued discussions of culture and its critical connections to ethnicity, race, class and sexuality. (Available for General Education, Arts and Humanities as well as the Arts, Media and Culture GE Path).